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My name is Brent White, I am a designer from the Aloha State of Hawaii. Whether you are looking for clean modern branding or a beautifully designed website, I will ensure you that your final result will be what you are searching for.


I thrive on challenging problems that allow me to create effective solutions which meet the needs of modern day society. My mission is to create good design that achieves my clients goals and organizes information effectively.

Core Skills

I draw on technical skills and imagination, both of which inform my approach to problem solving.


Providing design solutions that communicate clearly, function optimally, anticipate future demands, and are visually pleasing.

Design Road Map

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Get In Touch

I look forward to having a conversation with you about your inspiration and objectives. Available for hire or contract work. If you are interested please send me a Have a project in mind? Place a and I will get back to you!